KHS Securities (Pvt.) Ltd provides a complete and comprehensive trading platform for it clients. We are committed to providing the best services to our clients. Besides traditional brokerage services, we provide our clients to better structure, manage, and engineer their portfolios for maximum returns.

The management of KHS Securities (Pvt) Limited consists of experienced and seasoned professionals. They have exposure in both the trading and technical side of the market. KHS Securities is a seasoned equity brokerage house of Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) and is ranked amongst one of the leading brokerage houses. The company an official TRE Certificate holder of PSX offers a full suite of products to serve our clients’ business life-cycle needs,

KHS flows freely towards attaining diverse goals of the customer through varied services. This creates an Abundance of opportunities for the customer by opening up investment opportunities backed by research-based advisory services. Here, growth knows no limits and success recognizes no boundaries. Helping the customer create waves in his portfolio and empowering the investor completely is the ultimate goal.

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