Management(s) Profile

Management at KHS Securities,
Senior Management

Mohammad Latif Akhtar – General Manager.
Mohammad Latif Akhtar Has over 40 years experience in Management and the running
of a Brokerage house. He has seen the business evolve from manual systems of trading outcry, physical delivery of shares, and manual accounting through ledgers and books, to todays automated and computerized systems. This has given him a strong base and unique understanding of the business and valuable experience. He also has a deep knowledge and study of all the companies listed on the Exchange.

Kevan Saleem Manager Trading and Research.

Zulfiqar Ali – Compliance Officer/Head of Accounts
Zulfiqar Ali Has 24 years Experience under his belt working with KHS Securities in this field. He too has seen the system changes over the years from physical delivery of shares, and manual accounting through ledgers and books, to the introduction of computerized accounts, CDC systems and clearing through NCCPL. This gradual transition has given him a deep understanding and unique experience of the business and it compliance requirments.

Abdul Rehman Waheed –  Trading and IT
Abdul Rehman Waheed has 14 years experience trading and management of orders and executed trades